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Hello From The Chimney House

We're looking forward to welcoming you into The Chimney House this year!

Booking are open and well and truly underway for Wedding Feasts, Wedding Ceremonies, Private Dining, Celebrations and daily Meetings, Training Sessions & Away Days for 2024/25 and 2026

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Weddings at The Chimney House June-September 2021

Posted 8th February, 5051

The Home of Feasting & Romance

Perched on the historic waterways of Kelham Island Sheffield, The Chimney House is the location for joyous feasting celebrations of friends and family togetherness for up to 50 guests.

We are delighted to be a finalist in the prestigious UK Wedding Awards for ‘Best City Wedding Venue’ in the 2019 and in 2020 for The Best Historic Wedding Venue in the UK for 2020. 

The Chimney House is also licensed for Marriages and Civil Partnerships for up to 50 guests. Book your ceremony at The Chimney House and choose between The Chimney House or our sister venue The Mowbray for your wedding reception for a perfect day curated just for you with effortless style and ease.

Fall in love with a Chimney House wedding. The flicker of candlelight, the bubbles of champers, we plan, arrange, style and host fabulous parties with a difference; perfect dining experiences and the most glorious celebrations imaginable!

We are worldwide famous for our love of feasting - perfectly social, exceptionally delicious and always abundant! Get caught up in our joy and revel in the delight of having your event planned to perfection. We will host your guests in the ambiently beautiful surrounds of our historic building amongst antiquities and curiosities.

A Note on our Menus

All of our menus are prepared in-house by our amazing chef team! Everything is baked and made fresh from our bread, cakes, cookies and desserts and we pickle, cure, roast and toast the finest ingredients from Sheffield and Yorkshire. 

We work 100% seasonally so sometimes we will need to swop ingredients out for what is best and fresh - we’ll let you know if we need to tweak your chosen menu ahead of your event. We can cater for all dietary requirements - just let us know and we’ll make it happen! If you’d rather discuss a bespoke menu tailored to your event theme and guests - then we’d love to discuss that with you! 

We love to use as much inspiration from The Chimney House and our sister venue The Mowbray as we can - so you’ll often see ingredients from our garden featuring in our menus!

The below are sample menus - which are always ingredient led. We usually work in a 3 month seasonality window in terms of ingredients.

Let's Celebrate!

Wedding Reception - Hire Only - 2021
Wedding Hire of The Chimney House for your reception on any Saturday in 2020/2021 is £700 plus VAT  for four hours. Weekday hire for your reception in 2020/2021  is £500 plus VAT for four hours. Your menu choice is an additional price per head and extra hours over four hours is charged at £150 plus VAT per hour. 

Wedding Reception Hire Only - 2022/2023
Wedding Hire of The Chimney House for your reception on any Saturday in 2022 is £800 plus VAT  for four hours. Weekday hire for your reception in 2022 is £600 plus VAT for four hours. Your menu choice is an additional price per head and extra hours over four hours is charged at £150 plus VAT per hour. Menu prices subject to change in 2022. 

Wedding Ceremony - Ceremony Hire Only -  2021
The Chimney House is licensed for Marriages and Civil Partnerships for up to 50 guests. The ceremony hire is for two hours and is £500 plus VAT on a weekday and £700 plus VAT on any Saturday.  

Remember - you need to book your own registrar once you have confirmed a time with us! Book a Registrar HERE

Wedding Ceremony - Hire Only - 2022/2023
The Chimney House is licensed for Marriages and Civil Partnerships for up to 50 guests. The ceremony hire is for two hours and is £600 plus VAT on a weekday and £800 plus VAT on any Saturday.  

Remember - you need to book your own registrar once you have confirmed a time with us! Book a Registrar HERE

Let us Look After Your Day and Night

We’d love to look after every detail for your day and evening between our two venues The Chimney House & The Mowbray - here’s how!

Option One
Book your Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Feast at The Chimney House for 50 guests and Party at The Mowbray for up to 250 guests. Price on request. 

Option Two
Book your Wedding Ceremony at The Chimney House for 50 guests and head around the corner for a magnificent Wedding Feast at The Mowbray for 50 plus guests. Feel free to invite additional guests to The Feast (up to 150 if you like) and to your evening Party celebrations up to 250 guests.

The Chimney House Wedding Cake

The Chimney House Wedding Cake is magical. Freshly made - it is a light as a dream ‘special recipe’ Victoria with layers of buttercream, delicious jam and indulgently divine. Designed to match The Chimney House - our wedding cake is elegantly luxurious with a real Sheffield touch! We’ll even dress your cake with perfectly picked florals from one of our house florists for a wild gypsy hedgerow feel with cascades of romance and wanderlust. Choose either a 3 tier or 5 tier beauty. 

£350 for 3 tiers
£500 for 5 tiers
Floral dressing £50 

The Smallest of Details
In terms of extra detailing - let us help!  We have a ravishing ‘LOVE’ list - which includes suggestions on favours, additional soft touch points and artisans who can create bespoke gift

Menu 1 - THE SHARING TABLE - £42.50 per person ex VAT

A beautiful little feast, using delicious seasonal ingredients sourced as close to The Mowbray as possible.

Mowbray Made Focaccia (v, ve, g)
Single Estate EV Olive Oil (v,ve)

Churchill Farm Chicken roasted with lemon & garlic
Romesco Sauce: grilled red peppers, toasted almonds smashed together with lemon & garlic (n, contains nuts)

For our vegetarian guests we'll serve a delicious filo pie, filled with Feta, Roasted Squash & Spinach, with our Romesco sauce (v, g, contains nuts)

Sprouting broccoli, dressed with confit shallots & toasted pine nuts (v, ve)
British Courgettes & Broad Beans, thinly shaved and dressed with lemon & garlic (v, ve)
Jersey Royal or Ware Potatoes (as available) - slowly roasted with thyme (v, ve)

Please choose one option from our seasonal list of puddings

(v)=vegetarian (ve)=vegan (g)=contains gluten

Menu 2 - HOUSE FEAST - £46 per person ex VAT 

Celebrate summer with your guests; a sophisticated barbeque-style feast which is a sure-fire crowd pleaser and captures the season perfectly...

Mowbray-made Cheddar & Jalapeno Cornbread (v, g)
Grilled Flatbreads (v, ve, g)
Cheddar ‘cream cheese’ - spoonable cheddar to dollop on your bread (v)
Charred Corn & Yorkshire Tomato Salsa, packed with fresh coriander (v, ve)

These dishes will start your feast, and remain on the table as your mains are served!

‘Sugar Pit’ style British beef cheeks, brined with brown sugar, sea salt and a house blend of spices & herbs, slowly cooked until meltingly tender


Lamb Merguez Sausages: the most delicious Sheffield-made sausage, packed with North African Spices, barbequed & drizzled with mint yoghurt & pomegranate seeds - insanely delicious (g)

For our vegetarian and vegan guests we'll serve BBQ ‘Merguez’ Cauliflower, roasted with North African spices, chargrilled & served with mint yoghurt & pomegranate (v)

House Black Beans, slowly braised with home smoked chillies, barbequed tomatoes & onions for a deeply delicious flavour (v, ve)
House Slaw: Crunchy shredded veg, dressed with sherry vinegar & rapeseed oil (v, ve)
Roasted sweet potatoes (v, ve)

Please choose one option from our seasonal puddings list

PLUS!  A sweet treat to finish your evening -  a little surprise from the pastry section…
Think a batch of citrusy marshmallows, a rich ganache or even a delicate cakelet!

(v)=vegetarian (ve)=vegan (g)=contains gluten

Menu 3 - THE LADEN TABLE - £51 per person ex VAT

Our signature menu, a decadent feast celebrating brilliant British growers, and some of our favourite treats of the summer. The Laden Table is all about celebrating the best of the season, as it appears from the growers, producers & suppliers. Delight in the best of the season! We will use the best available produce for your feast, making your menu uniquely yours. 

Mowbray-made Focaccia (v, ve, g)
Burrata with Roast Peaches & Basil. Burrata is a Puglian treat, made similar to Mozzarella but with the added indulgence of a creamy interior (v)
South Coast Mackerel Escabeche with Isle of Wight Tomato Salsa & Fresh Oregano
Beetroot Carpaccio; confit beetroot, Yellison Goats Curd & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds (v)

32 Day Aged Yorkshire Picanha Steak, chargrilled whole, sliced and served medium rare. Dressed with our confit shallot & caper salsa, packed with fresh herbs & lemon zest.

More about the Picanha: The Picanha has a nice piece of fat on top which keeps the meat juicy, but can be easily trimmed off by your guests. Our Picanha comes from Yorkshire-bred cows, and is aged to perfection for 32 days.

For our vegetarian and vegan guests we'll serve BBQ Cauliflower Steak, marinated with lemon & garlic chargrilled then slowly roasted. Served with a delicious caper salsa verde (v, ve)

Our Laden Table sides truly are the showcase of our seasonal ethos. We’ll find the best produce available on the market to deliver a gorgeous selection of salads, vegetables and potatoes.

Summer salad; A peppery, fresh salad of watercress, shaved radishes and kohl rabi when available (v, ve)

English Asparagus or sprouting broccoli, chargrilled & dressed with rapeseed oil & lemon (v, ve) The English asparagus season can come and go very quickly, so we will use it while we can!

Yorkshire Peas or Broad Beans with Pancetta, tossed with Spring Onions, Leeks or wild/wet garlic as available.

Gorgeous garlic: during the British summer we get to use the various types of wet or green garlic available. Wild garlic signals the start of Summer, we’ll also see ‘3-cornered’ which is another wild ‘green’ variety. Younger garlic bulbs are also thinned out, which are milder in flavour and a real summertime treat!

Best new potatoes: Jersey Royals are the most famous, but there also Anya, Cornish Kings & Pink Firs. Simply buttered with some freshly chopped soft herbs (v)

TO FINISH (please choose two options for your guests to share)
See our Pudding Menu below! 

PLUS! A sweet treat to finish your evening - a little surprise from the pastry section...
Think a batch of citrusy marshmallows, a rich ganache or even - joy of joys a delicate cakelet! 

(v) = vegetarian  (ve) = vegan   (g) = contains gluten

The Chimney House Pudding Menu

This is our current selection of seasonal puds for The Chimney House, but if you have any of your own ideas or requests, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to achieve pud perfection.
If your menu choice means you can choose two puds (lucky you) then we’d suggest a tart and a pav, we also have our brilliant cheese courses below!

Served up sliced for you to share...

Apricot & Marmalade Frangipane with Clotted Cream (v, g) (contains nuts)

Blueberry Frangipane with Yorkshire Creme Fraiche (v, g) (contains nuts)

Hazelnut Treacle Tart with Lightly Whipped Yoghurt Cream (v, g) (contains nuts)

Baked Chocolate Tart with Morello Cherries & Yorkshire Creme Fraiche (v, g)

Our Summer Favourites

These puds are served up in a dish for your guests to share with their table:

White Chocolate, Lemon Curd & Raspberry Roulade; super-light sponge vanilla sponge, filled with fresh cream, homemade lemon curd & fresh raspberries - drizzled with white chocolate ganache (v, g)

Macerated Strawberries, Shortbread & Whipped Cream - we toss fresh strawberries with just enough sugar, lemon zest & fresh lavender from our garden. Served up separately so your guests can help themselves (v, g)

Grilled Peaches, Honey & Pumpkin Seed Crumble with Fresh Yoghurt. Ottolenghi style, wholesome and delicious (v, g)

Mowbray Tiramisu made with fresh coffee & rich mascarpone, served in a dish, to share for the table (v, g)


Our pavlovas are legendary, and for summer we've come up with some gorgeous pavs to celebrate all that wonderful fruit. Our PAVs are served whole for your guests to share with their table.

Peach Melba PAV: Brown Sugar Meringue, Vanilla Cream, Fresh Peach & Raspberries (v)

Blackcurrant Beauty: Crisp White Meringue, Mascarpone & Blackcurrant Compote (this is our fave: the sharp blackcurrants are incredible against the super creamy mascarpone and sweet, crispy meringue) (v)

Classic Mowbray PAV: piled high with fresh cream & the best berries available (v)

(v)=vegetarian  (g)= contains gluten

Dietaries & Allergies: Some of our desserts can be made without gluten, on request - please ask. If you have vegan guests, or those who do not eat dairy or egg, the kitchen will make them their own dessert which is similar to your choice of pudding. If you have guests attending who have a nut allergy, we would advise choosing desserts which do not contain nuts, due to the sharing style of our Feasts.


Our cheese courses are a BRILLIANT choice if you need to choose a second dessert! They can also be added to your menu for £6pp ex VAT. We’ll serve your cheese course with biscuits. Choose one option from below

Creamy Yorkshire Blue with Toasted Walnuts & Wildflower Honey

About this cheese: A mild & creamy blue cheese, made from Yorkshire Cow’s Milk by the girls at Shepherd’s Purse in North Yorkshire.

Mowbray-made Ricotta with Sweet Pickled Cherries

Our house-made ricotta is made from milk & cream, and hung overnight at The Mowbray to produce a deliciously creamy soft cheese. Our cherries are pickled with sweet wine, thyme & star anise.

Tunworth & Roasted Grapes

Hampshire’s answer to Camembert, and don’t tell the French, but we think it’s even better. This cheese is still lovingly made by hand and offers a long lasting sweet & nutty flavour. The roasted grapes help to cut through the richness.

*please note the cheese course must be taken by the whole party


The Details

Menu prices subject to change
Prices are shown excluding VAT 
VAT will be charged at the current rate

Included in the price...

- Exclusive hire and bespoke styling of the whole of The Chimney House for four hours for your Wedding Feast/Reception and two hours for your Wedding Ceremony. 
- initial viewings
- pre-event chat one month before your wedding
- our ever attentive, expert team for your event
- We'll style and set out your seating plans, name cards, table decorations, guests gifts and favours. 
- table styling and dressing with the House collection of candles and antiquities
- cloakroom service
- premium paper napkins, glass and tableware (we provide glassware for any seated event)
- filtered water on tables
- speaker system to play your tunes
- screen and projector to show your favourite memories
- managing of onward travel plans, we’ll pre-book taxis to whizz you on to your next destination
- luxury bathroom amenities from Aesop
- 20% off cuts, colours and wedding hair at Laundry for hair.

Wedding extras…

- Additional venue hire - £150 plus VAT per hour
- Cut flowers from our preferred supplier, antique holders and arranging - from £60
- Linen napkins - £2 per person
- Tea and coffee - £2.50 per person

Bar Service at The Chimney House

We’ve carefully curated a delicious wine and beer line up that matches our menus and makes life super easy for you. Simply pre-order with us when you confirm your final numbers and we’ll make sure that your wine and beer is served up perfectly for you to enjoy. We also have a selection of soft drinks that start from £2.50. 

Be sure to ask about House Punch Bowls and cocktails for arrivals, feasting and post dinner tipples! 

We also can look after wine packages for you to ease things along and we also have a cocktail and wine match to see you through as well!

The Basic :: Drinks Package 1 ::  £15.00 
A glass of House Fizz on arrival & half a bottle of House Red / White / Rose per person
HOUSE RED // El Tinto de Lela del Mar / Tempranillo / Spain 
HOUSE WHITE // El Blanco de Lela del Mar / Sauvignon / Spain
HOUSE ROSE // Ancora Rose / Pinot Grigio Rose / Italy

The Favourite :: Drinks Package 2 :: £17.50  
A glass of House Fizz on arrival & half a bottle of Red / White per person
RED / Flic Tinto / Tempranillo / Portugal / 2016
WHITE / Felicette Grenache Blanc / France / 2017

The Special :: Package 3 ::  £21.00
A glass of House Fizz on arrival & half a bottle of Red / White / Rose per person
RED / Neprica / Primitivo / Italy / 2017
WHITE / Jonty’s Ducks / Chenin Blanc / Organic / South Africa / 2016 
ROSE / Reserve de Gassac Rose / Languedoc rosé / France 

The Super Deluxe :: Drinks Package 4 :: £26.00 
A glass of Champagne OR Sheffield Dry G&T on arrival & half a bottle of Red / White /Rose per person
RED / Dandelion Shiraz / Multi Award Winning / Barossa Valley /South Australia 
WHITE / Mica Vinho Verde / Portugal / Organic / Biodynamic / 2017
ROSE / Reserve de Gassac Rose / Languedoc rosé / France 
CHAMPAGNE / Guy de Chassey Brut /  Multi Award Winning / France

Ask to have a look at our Drinks List for all of our favourite tipples!

The Good to Knows

- The menus above are sample menus - your exact menu choices will be dependent on date
- Menus can be served seated for up to 50
- Any of our menus can be served at a time to suit your big day
- Menus and prices will change seasonally and are valid for 6 months from your first quote
- Use of our speaker system for your tunes, plug and play from your iPad, laptop or phone (we have a noise restriction after 10.30pm due to our residential area)
- We don’t have facilities for a DJ, or space for a band, we can’t move tables mid-event
- We close at 11pm
- We can cater to all dietary requirements
- Allergen information is available for all menus
- Guest numbers and dietary requirements are confirmed 7 days before your event
- We prefer BACS payments. 

We take the venue hire fee as a non-refundable deposit to secure your date - your deposit payment confirms your understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions HERE

The Mowbray

Looking For a Bigger Space? Use our sister venue The Mowbray - just around the corner - a 10 minute stroll - in Neepsend. 

Luxuriously complete - The Mowbray team are experts in making it all happen for larger wedding parties between 40 and 250 guests. We look after everything from venue styling, table settings, floral abundance, food and consultations, bespoke cocktails and carefully curated champagne, wines and beers to create weddings and parties with soul. 

Our ethos for over a decade at The Chimney House has been 'let us look after you' and this forms the foundation of The Mowbray. We encourage you to luxuriate in the knowledge that time and style are on your side and we will attend to the smallest of details with creativity, flair and an understanding of simple beauty, elegance and a sprinkle of glamour. 

A few comments from some of our recent couples, and more testimonials HERE

“Thank you to Lucy and the team at the Chimney House and The Mowbray, from start to finish they were simply wonderful to work with and made planning a wedding from the opposite side of the world so much easier. The venues themselves are absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop for the best day of your life.
Every mouthful of food, from the fist canape right through to our booze busters at 9pm was scrumptious, I wish I could eat it all again. The only thing that would have made our day even better, is if we could stop time and do it all over again.”

Nicola & Philip

“Having our wedding celebrations at The Chimney House was quite literally the best decision we've ever made.”

Lorna & John.

“We had always wanted a small ceremony and The Chimney House was perfect for this. Since the very beginning of our journey the whole team were incredible, offering us advice and support throughout. We had absolute confidence in the guys and they did not disappoint on the day.
All of our guests have commented on what a beautiful, intimate ceremony and meal it was and we feel truly honoured to have been hosted by The Chimney House. There is not a single thing that we would change about the day, which is surely the way it should be?! We will forever remember our day and still do not have words to describe our thanks to The Chimney House.” 

Heather & Gav

We’d love to help you with the smallest of details to make your wedding amazing! 

All the best

The Chimney House Team 

Make an Enquiry

We are very happy to arrange viewings, to talk about prices and offering to suit your event. Please fill out the form below or call us on The Chimney House Hotline on 0114 276 7885.

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