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Hello From The Chimney House

We're looking forward to welcoming you into The Chimney House this year!

Booking are open and well and truly underway for Wedding Feasts, Wedding Ceremonies, Private Dining, Celebrations and daily Meetings, Training Sessions & Away Days for 2024/25 and 2026

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Welcome to The Island.

We're a family business. We're proud to be originally independent and grown from hard work and imagination.

Perched on an Island, former residents include an elephant and steel rolling mill workers. Curious you might say. What is this red brick house, home to historic fishy tales, items of oddity and intrigue? What is this much talked about marvel of the modern world?

Forged by the steel workers, proud surveyor of roof tops and guardian of feathered high flyers, humble in architectural perfection and a catalyst for thought and excellence. A keeper of secrets and maker of more. A true pursuer of a delighted intake of breath. A home to creation and a family for keeps.

The Chimney House is designed, brand managed and maintained by the award winning, Sheffield living, 93ft.

The Story

Of Elephants and Victory. Traced back to 1886 part of Sheffield's important historic industrial heritage with the enormous wonder of having housed an elephant named Lizzie during World War One. The Chimney House stands on the banks of the Mill Race as a reminder of the time when the Steel Rolling Mills ruled the City and elephants answered the call of a City in need and lifted and shifted their way to victory.

English Provenance. In 2008 we took owner and custodianship of a near derelict building in the ex industrial heartland of Sheffield and have restored and brought back to life the magnificent red brick building with the iconic 93ft chimney soaring through the floor and out of the roof. The name? Well that was simple!

We recycled original building materials and sought out true Sheffield artisans and craftsmen to complete the transformation in brick and timber. We paid homage to the skill and care from the past and placed reverence and respect in equal messages when it came to addressing how we moved hand in hand with heritage and today.

We've custom built most of the furniture you see inside The Chimney House - including the incredible 20 foot long table that serves as The Chimney House's boardroom table. 93ft's furniture makery created it from 8 different types of reclaimed timber - from mahogany, oak, panga panga, iroko and rested the top on cast iron legs that we reclaimed from a sewing machine factory.

We know where every bit of furniture, architectural lighting and antique curiosity has come from, we know the whispery voices from the past and the tales they tell. We fill our building with beautiful furniture, with Sheffield and English provenance and are proud to welcome the thousands through the door who take note and give their seal of approval.

The Next Chapter. Down the road and around the corner, we've just opened The Mowbray - The Chimney House's big sister venue housed in an iconic red brick building restored from 1889. Complete with a roof terrace and a herbarium on the first floor the ground floor hosts Sheffield meetings, private dining, film and photoshoots and the most glorious weddings for up to 200 guests.

House Style

The Food. Inspired by global travels and the curiosity of creative licence. Our musings and love of food bring us back to the irresistible Englishness of Yorkshire and our home county of South Yorkshire. If you're visiting us for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, private dining or a wedding feast you're in for a real treat!

Created by The Mowbray's all star chef team - we have developed our own dining style to suit every occasion from when the sun rises until the stars come out, we’ve got it covered. For lovers of our Sheffield heartland and supporters of local, regional and Yorkshire food explore our seasonal menus and enjoy the luxury of one to one consultations with our Chef team for bespoke menus.

We are heavily influenced by a month by month account of the year and all that it brings - weather, harvests, tides, foraging, optimal growth times and peak picking times! We are champions of ultra fresh produce, pickling, preserving, fresh bread and cake baking and of course working with the best ingredients and suppliers that we can find.

The Service. We feast! We don't stand on ceremony we want you to feast too! Our food is served in big pots, little pots, pots with lids and dishes without. Come on, take plenty, indulge and have seconds. Let us press upon you a third slice?

We believe food should be social, plentiful and really really tasty. We'll wait on you hand and foot and manage your drinks for you as well. Naturally.

The Presentation. Set a top of antique timber, the friendly glow of well appointed brass candle sticks casts shadows and beauty. Food takes its place amongst well chosen House curiosities and living plants. We love styling and tiny attention to detail and travel near and far to make sure what ends up on our table is intriguing and beautiful! That's what makes our customers return to us time and time again.

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We are very happy to arrange viewings, to talk about prices and offering to suit your event. Please fill out the form below or call us on The Chimney House Hotline on 0114 276 7885.

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