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Trulli at The Chimney House - Postponed Until A Later Date

27/03/20 - 19:00

We're postponing our second HOUSE of 2020. After the success of CHALET in February - we're opening the doors to TRULLI later this year for an evening dedicated to excellent eating and beautifully matched wines presented by Barry from Starmore Boss. Stay tuned for our next date!

Welcome to our second HOUSE of 2020! After the success of CHALET in February - we're opening the doors to TRULLI on the 27th of March - an evening dedicated to excellent eating and beautifully matched wines presented by Barry from Starmore Boss.

Named so as our HOUSE story is around the exciting happenings that go on inside interesting dwellings or structures that one might happen across on a little adventure...

Our Trulli Story

Our Head Chefs - Emma & Matt spent their honeymoon in Puglia and spent a week in a Trulli which has inspired our next magical evening in our historic building - The Chimney House. 

Over to Emma & Matt

"During our time in Puglia we spent a week in a Trulli, cooking with fresh pasta, tomatoes, olive oil and drinking the most delicious Primitivo & Negroamaro. Our Trulli was surrounded by sweet cherry trees which grew all over the region. We drove through swathes of countryside filled with olive trees, so it's no surprise that the region produces over 40% of Italy's olive oil. 

We also spent a couple of days on a converted farm, the chefs still maintained the kitchen garden and each night we sat for dinner comprised of their own vegetables and handmade pasta. We had the most amazing Lemon Verbena bush outside our door which would release its amazing perfume as it warmed in the sun. It's been one of our favourite herbs ever since. 

There was also some great artisan beers being produced in the region, as well as the famous deep reds of Salento. 'Rosato' wine in this region is full bodied, and a perfect match for the vegetable harvest-led food of Puglia."

Join Us!

Our second HOUSE visit takes us to the emerging Springtime in Puglia and through the door and around the wood burning stove of the cosiest of Trulli's. Barry from Starmore Boss will be heading up a sublime wine tasting - with the best bottles from Puglia. In terms of supper...Puglian food is all about simple deliciousness and great produce, so a perfect match for the Mowbray Kitchen! Supposedly Burrata was invented in Puglia! 

The Plan

Barry Starmore from Starmore Boss will be showcasing 5 amazing wines and an artisan beer - and our kitchen will be serving up a feast of a supper... This is the plan!

We'll start with an arrival snack and a taste of an artisan Puglian beer
Then we'll feast our way through an exuberant and extended starter course - where we'll explore 2 different wines  
We'll then get stuck into a hearty main course with 2 more wines to get really settled into the evening
Then we'll finish off with a delicious Italiano pudding and wine to match.

Chef Notes

We'll confirm the final menu soon - but for now - this is how things are shaping up! 

Taralli - crunchy baked snacks, topped with poppy seeds & sea salt
Burrata & Potato Topped Focaccia - everywhere we went in the Puglianese towns the smell of fresh bread filled the air. This is our house focaccia with topped with thinly sliced potatoes & caramelised onions. Puglia lays claim to the invention 
Capocollo - Pork collar - cured, lightly smoked & thinly sliced. We saw this cut of meat everywhere, sometimes cured and dried. We've done our own version.

Frise - almost like a dried bagel, traditionally used to soak up the juice of overripe tomatoes for a worker's lunch. We'll use ours in a salad with the best tomatoes from the market. 

Mowbray made Orecchiette Pasta with a deliciously epic Lamb Ragu

Cime de Rapa - a delicious Broccoli-like vegetable with smashed Fava Beans

Flaky pastry stuffed with Almond Frangipane & Cherries

The Chimney House to Host

HOUSE will always be hosted at The Chimney House with smaller numbers - in contrast to FEAST hosted in larger numbers over the road at The Mowbray. There's always something to learn at a HOUSE event - so you'll come away feeling enriched and knowledgeable from the wisdom of others!

Drink Up

HOUSE vibe is all about the creme de la creme of wine or drinks tasting from boutique merchants and specialists doing great stuff in small batches. What appears in the glass will be expertly supported by The Mowbray Kitchen presenting seasonal excellence - spreading our wings to bring you the freshest tastes around...

See you there!

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