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Cocktails & Punch Bowls at The Chimney House

Posted 21st April, 5506

Celebration Cocktails

We’ve curated a collection of exquisite drinks to add an extra touch of something special to your day. There’s really nothing nicer than treating your guests to a beautiful cocktail or punch bowl as a perfect touch for arrivals, during or after dinner. 

Available only as a preorder. 

From the Cocktail Edit order the same for everyone or let us know if you’d like a 50/50 split. 

The Cocktail Edit :: £9 per cocktail 

Island Margarita

House infused Kaffir Tequila, citrus and orange liqueur

We’ve infused Kaffir Lime Leaf into our Tequila, softly adding a new layer to this heady lemony cloud of pure pleasure… An absolute favourite at both The Chimney House and Up On The Roof at The Mowbray - and the perfect sipper for Island Life...

Recommended for arrivals... 

The Chimney House Negroni

London Dry Gin, Martini Rosso Vermouth and Campari Bitter

Served as close to perfection as the iconic classic Italian Aperitif. We like ours tantalisingly bittersweet, packing a punch to hit the spot.

Recommended for after dinner…

House Punch :: £48 for 1.5ltr Punch bowl (12* 125ml servings) 

London Dry Gin, Elderflower & Apple balanced with citrus and topped with a cascade of Mure (Blackberry liqueur). Garnished with fresh berries, cucumber & mint 

Served out of antique punch bowls, pure theatre, dressed to nines with fruits, flowers and treats, super social, an everyone pleaser, sublimely pretty and a taste sensation - this punch is the perfect centerpiece of your event. 

Recommended for arrivals - during dinner or just after

French Kissing

London Dry Gin, Apple Juice & Strawberry Puree balanced with citrus and topped with Prosseco. Garnished with berries, mint and edible flowers.

It has everything - the looks and it’s sweet, fruity and ridiculously morish. A superb crowd pleaser...

Recommended for arrivals - during dinner or just after 

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