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Things we love! The delighted intake of breath when entering The Chimney House for the first time. The planning of a new wedding and the happiness of blissful sighs.

The buzz of excitement as new ideas are formed and a team gels together under the beams. The applause of success and the flush of accomplishment in The Meeting Room.

The moment when the sun shines and everyone pours outside onto the cobbles to bask in the rays by the waterway. When the rain is chattering on the windows and our rooms are cosy and underfloor heated.

Most of all we love telling you about what we're up to, new ideas, hatchlings of plans and inspiration, things of beauty and vibrancy that we spot along the way.

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We are very happy to arrange viewings, to talk about prices and offering to suit your event. Please fill out the form below or call us on The Chimney House Hotline on 0114 276 7885.